The song “FOXDIE” from our new album is a tribute to the Metal Gear -saga and Mr Hideo Kojima himself. We love Metal Gear and would love to be a part of its history somehow and therefore we want YOU to make some badass looking Metal Gear videos to our track “FOXDIE”.
So, what’s in it for you?

The best video (according to our opinion) will win all of this:
1 x Aftermath CD
1 x Revelations CD
1 x Rubber wristband
1 x T-shirt
666 x The glory

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– Upload your Eyes Wide Open – FOXDIE (Metal Gear AMV) on your youtube
– Post your video-link as a comment to this post on Facebook and hashtag #EWOFOXDIE
– Do all this before 20th January

Download FOXDIE.mp3 here:
Download FOXDIE lyrics here:

Make us proud!
//Erik, Karl, Kristofer, Patrik & Jesper, Eyes Wide Open